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Faith takes Angel to meet with the Mayor, and Angel tries to kill him, but discovers that the Mayor can't be killed. He tells the Mayor of his plans to torture and kill Buffy.

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The two walk the streets of Sunnydale on the way to Buffy's house, and encounter Xander who Angel punches and knocks to the ground. After charming Joyce , Angel and Faith find Buffy in her room and lure her away to the mansion. Once there, Angel and Faith reveal that they're fighting for the other side now, and Angel knocks Buffy out cold. Angel chains Buffy to a wall, where she wakes up finding Angel and Faith planning to torture her.

Faith goes on about her painful childhood with a mother who drank too much, and her life as the Slayer living in Buffy's shadow. She reveals what she knows about the Mayor's master plans, which will culminate with the Ascension taking place on graduation day. Finally, Faith says with a smile, boasting her ability to deceive the Scoobies: "What can I say? I'm the world's best actor. The rest of the Scooby Gang arrive as Buffy and Faith fight and end up with knives at each other's throats.

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Before anyone is killed, Faith breaks away, kisses her on the forehead, and runs off, knowing that Buffy wasn't ready to kill her yet. At the library, Giles says good-bye to the shrouded man, revealing that the mysterious figure had come to Giles at the beginning and put on a light show in order to pay back a debt the man owed Giles for introducing him to his wife. Wesley is very upset that Giles did all this behind his back, and plans to tell the Watchers Council about it; Giles surprises him by saying that he should, remarking that he can think of nothing more dangerous than a rogue Slayer.

Now that everyone is fully aware of Faith's having switched sides, they have to prepare to fight her as well. Faith is upset over the whole ordeal, but the Mayor tells her not to worry because after the Ascension they'll all be dead.

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Buffy goes to Angel, and both are having a hard time dealing with what they had to do. Angel feels horrible that he had to do and say the things he did, and how far he let it go. Buffy needs some time, but as she leaves, he asks, "You still my girl? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3, Episode Contents [ show ].

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Episode Guide. Mayor Wilkins. Michael Manasseri. Faith - "Well, you see, when I was a kid, I used to beg my mom for a dog. How they met could fill another book frankly. That day in the arcade Serena came in in a mood. To be fair she could be a rather moody girl--but usually her moods swayed between hyper-happy, test score-miserable and 'it's-raining- I-want-a-sundae-mid-cheerful.

But today, this mood was brand new. This one Andrew had never seen before. Darien was already at the counter drinking his coffee when she walked in. She didn't bounce or storm or anything. This was a quiet anger.

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The girls weren't far behind her and Andrew figured they had said something to upset her. They all piled up to the counter around Darien as though he wasn't there. Conversely, he didn't seem to notice they were there either. He was just kind of That was the cool thing about Serena. He could slide her shakes down the counter to her like a classy bartender. No one else would ever play along with that. Serena caught it and began drinking in what can only be described as an angry fashion. Rei rolled her eyes and Mina sighed.

She simply kept drinking with added vehnom. Maybe he was a lousy kisser! Although, Andrew reflected, she pretty much always spoke with obvious irritation Serena looked ready to respond to this but was cut off by a gleeful Lita, enjoying the gossip a little too much, "Oh, didn't you guys see? She was so mad about the bad kiss she grabbed some random guy in the next room and tried him!

All save for Darien who was frighteningly absorbed in his book. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Serena abandoned the drained milkshake and Andrew refilled it without ever taking his eyes from her. I thought the same thing as you Rei Remainer rebels line up ex-minister to Nando's is accused of using chickens from farms where thousands of birds are kept in cramped conditions as Detectives reveal prime suspect after police officer, 48, was rammed in 'deliberate' hit-and-run and is left Revealed: Meghan told entrepreneurs in Cape Town that she's determined to 'fulfil her heart's desires' and Actor Michael Sheen, 50, welcomes baby girl with Swedish actress girlfriend Anna Lundberg, 25, as his father Mother sobs in the dock as she admits murdering her two teenage sons and plotting with a family member to Derby striker Mason Bennett filmed downing a pint of lager and throwing up in a urinal by new captain Tom Salt shakers should have a tobacco-style health warning to remind people to limit their sodium intake and Astronomers discover a huge Jupiter-like planet 'that should not exist' orbiting a tiny star 31 light-years Catholic priests claim they are 'living in a state of persecution' because of child abuse scandals - and Inside the 'house of torture' Islamic boarding school: More than men and boys shackled in chains and Pope Francis warns that AI could lead to new 'barbarism' by manipulating views of millions at Vatican Five members of same family and three friends armed with knives, hammers and fireman's axe are found guilty Millionaire, 58, who butchered protected 60ft trees that blocked the sunlight to his two balconies and patio Three killers who prowled the streets looking for people to rob before stabbing boy, 16, to death with a Thomas Cook crew work for nothing to bring home stranded holidaymakers and are rewarded by impromptu Man called Thomas Cooke receives 'death threats' from people furious at collapse of travel firm Thomas Cook More than former Thomas Cook staff take legal action against the collapsed travel firm after losing