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Henry Bowers, the unhinged psychopath who Pennywise seems to have a soft spot for, has a similar subplot to the novel, aside from his big conflict with Mike. In the book, Henry seriously injures Mike, hospitalizing him, which stops Mike from entering the sewers with the Losers, further weakening the group. The film gives Mike more of an active role taking down Pennywise, but in doing so, completely removes the threat from Henry, whose intimidating presence has zero consequences to the story.

In fact, Maturin is said to have created the entire universe by vomiting it out, so the turtle is essentially God, in the Steven King-verse, anyway. Maybe would've gotten a lot more stars and a way better review. I feel like I need a happy book or happy juice to make my day shine a little bit brighter. Nov 20, Jade rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Slow intro, had to fight not to put it away and start a new book. Mar 24, Harley Biala rated it really liked it. The book is so hilarious, toe curling, and even a guy could relate with the whole story.

Sep 18, Elizabeth rated it it was ok Shelves: Second time I've read the book - not exactly intentional. Realized a chapter or two in that I'd read it before. Woman wants to meet Mr. Hot who makes clear he does not want long term relationship. She thinks she won't get emotionally involved, but she does. He breaks up with her. She immediately meets Mr. Moneybags - one of London's most eligible bachelor's. He proposes surpr Second time I've read the book - not exactly intentional.

He proposes surprisingly soon. She feels it's not quite right. Hot is the right guy. He realizes he made a mistake. Moneybags and resumes relationship with Mr.

IT Chapter 2 spoilers – IT: Chapter 2 might not go the way we all expected

Not horrible, but too predictable. Moneybags is drawn as such an awful mismatch for her that one knows from the start it will not last.

May 17, Joan rated it did not like it Shelves: The cover claims "national best seller. This book seemed to me much like a phonebook with a few vivid recreational-sex scenes thrown in. Well, actually there WAS a sorta plot, albeit a very shallow and predictable one.

~::~ Fight Club ~::~ By Chuck Palahniuk [Chapter 2]

The characters, whose thought processes would have been more appropriate to year-olds, were supposedly twenty- and thirty-something singles. Actually they were cardboard cutouts.

It Ends with us by colleen Hoover (chapter 2 ) AUDIO book

Aug 19, Kat rated it liked it Shelves: This book was just what I needed right now. An average chick-lit, not mind-bending or anything of the sort, just a simple, predictable tale of the search for love. I just wish the book had focused more on the interesting relationship than the boring one. The interesting relationship was secondary in this book, and it was frustrating to have to wait for it to re-appear all the time.

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Aug 12, Shamsh rated it really liked it. Jane Green manages to find perfect balance between funny and relaxing chick-lit and realistic, sometimes bittersweet prose. This book is light without being shallow and sweet without being sugar-coated.

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Chick-lit for romantic, but intelligent women. May 20, Maria Marta rated it it was amazing. I suprisingly found muyself identify with a lot of situations!!!! A pesar de parecer una trama superficial y en cierto modo tiene toques no deja de ser una obra que lo que hace es tratar el eterno dilema de: Jun 03, Allie Burke rated it liked it. Jane Green is one of those authors who writes a bunch of solid romances that are okay and sort of end up blending into one another instead of writing one or two really, really good books I just rated Bookends three stars because I honestly couldn't remember what it was about , but Mr.

Maybe did stick out to me a bit if only for its mild moments of hilarity and Mr. Oh So Sexy Nick, aka Mr. Maybe with no job, but being Mr. Oh So Sexy nonetheless.

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Libby annoyed me, because for some reason Mr. Bank robberies. Organized crime syndicates. Normal action-movie stuff. The police were in over their heads—or so they told us.

Saint Maybe - Chapter 1 Summary & Analysis

There was just too much for them to handle alone. Oh, no. They just had to pick the sci-fi route. It sounds fun, right? Like a comic book come to life. Like a comic book. Building on fire, blah, blah, blah.

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