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I've only read the first book in this series, but skipping ahead to 4 didn't present any problems, although it's clear I've missed out on some good stories I might have to catch up on. The story starts out with the discovery of a decapitated corpse on the grounds of a religious community and the mystery unfolds of who she might be, who killed her, and why. It's a good mystery that has plenty of twists and turns, but does get a bit weigh I loved the history and research that went into this book. It's a good mystery that has plenty of twists and turns, but does get a bit weighed down by several spots where it seems the author is rehashing history and information that's already been given more than once before.

The final solution was a bit convoluted and not terribly surprising, but all in all it's a well written book that will appeal to anyone who loves Irish history and historical mysteries. Jun 25, Paul rated it liked it. Two main plot threads are woven together well in this entertaining mystery.

Apr 29, Kate rated it liked it. Fidelma continues irritatingly accomplished at all things, and smug as all get out, but these improve. May 22, Naomi Young rated it liked it Shelves: aclib , , series. Well, the book was almost half-finished before the first evidence that the Roman Catholics were just sexist, depraved pervs compared to those wise, egalitarian Celtic Christians. So there's a record. Strong principal characters, good puzzles, nice historical details vs.

Apr 20, Morgan Dhu rated it liked it. Fidelma is on her way to the religious community of The Salmon of the Three Wells, located within the kingdom of her brother King Colgu, to investigate the murder of an unknown woman - her body found naked, headless, in a well, clutching a simple cross.

The Serpent's Path

While en route, the ship she is travelling on encounters an abandoned Gaullish merchant ship. Her cargo holds are empty, there are signs of blood recently shed, and The fourth Sister Fidelma novel, The Subtle Serpent, opens with a double mystery. Her cargo holds are empty, there are signs of blood recently shed, and perhaps worst of all, in one of the cabins Fidelma finds a book she had given as a gift to her dear companion of earlier adventures, Brother Eadulf.

As Fidelma seeks to solve both mysteries, she becomes aware that there is something very strange going on in the abbey and the surrounding community. There is open conflict between the abbess, Draigen, and the local chief, Adnar. And there is something strange about the abbey itself - sometimes strange noises seem to issue from the earth below the abbey, which Draigen says are the result of tidal water filling caves that riddle the area. Meanwhile, Ross has been investigating the abandoned ship, and has discovered that it was brought to shore nearby, by a party of Irish warriors of the clan Ui Fidgenti, who pit the crew to work in the local copper mines.

The ship itself vanished overnight while the Ui Fidgenti celebrated. Adnar has guests - Torcan, prince of Ui Fidgenti and his companions, and Olcan, son of the local overlord, both families with ambition and grudes against her brother. And everywhere, in the abbey, on the abandoned vessel, even on the books in the abbey, Fidelma finds traces of an unusual red clay, commonly found in copper mines.

Another satisfying mystery from Peter Tremayne, complex and rich in atmosphere, drawing on both Irish history and legend, and the history of the Irish and Roman churches and the conflicts between them. Fidelma must uncover the secrets of the community, and of politics and greed, to solve the mysteries, and then, perhaps most satisfying of all, she sets forth fir new adventures with Eadulf at her side.

Aug 19, Michael McCue rated it really liked it. The detective is Sister Fidelma, a nun who is trained as a lawyer. In this story Sister Fidelma sets out to solve the mystery of who killed the headless woman found in the well of an abbey. Other characters and some suspects appear as Fidelma tries to identify the dead headless woman and determine who killed her and put her in the well.

While she is working on this another headless body appear The Subtle Serpent by Peter Tremayne is the fourth in a series of mysteries set in 7th Century Ireland. While she is working on this another headless body appears. This is the first Peter Tremayne I have read. Aug 01, Lori rated it liked it.

I was unaware this was a series, so I read Sister Fidelma 4 without reading Historical mystery set in early Ireland. The main character is a sister of the new Christian faith who is also a designated investigator and presenter of evidence she unearths at court. The book was steeped in ancient Irish clan history and steeped in the traditions of the pagans now being challenged by the new Faith.

The mystery was intriguing if gruesome and it was interesting to see a puzzle solved using logi I was unaware this was a series, so I read Sister Fidelma 4 without reading The mystery was intriguing if gruesome and it was interesting to see a puzzle solved using logic and observation. At times it was hard to follow the intricate laws and clan histories. The Latin quotes were fun. Aug 13, Ilona rated it did not like it Shelves: fiction-historical , gave-up-on , fiction-mystery , If you enjoy political history, you'll enjoy this book, but if, like me, your interest in history is more anthropological and sociological than political, you won't.

I enjoyed the character of Sister Fidelma. I enjoyed the description of daily life in Ireland, year But the long explanations of politics and warfare just left me cold, and I was unwilling to finish. The Subtle Serpent was a very intriguing book. There were so many possible murderers in it that I had trouble deciding "whodunnit"! Plots within plots and very intricate. However I do get a bit frustrated that Peter Tremayne seems to think that he has to explain every time he uses an Irish word for something, even though he's explained the same word many times already.

Dec 11, Kathy rated it really liked it. I didn't have enough energy to research if their was truly a myth of the golden calf in Ireland. Not sure if this is a christian myth from the Egyptians.


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Since at the time in history the books take place in AD, and that Roman Christianity was just coming to Ireland its hard to tell. These are very good historical reads. I look forward to every one. Aug 30, Anne rated it liked it. These mysteries, set in 7th Century Ireland, are diverting. This one centers around Sister Fidelma's efforts to solve the mystery of who has killed two young members of an abbey of nuns and what their motive might be in doing so.

Jun 02, Doris Mahala rated it it was amazing. Suprise, Suprise. I never thought the culprit of the story was who it was. Brother against brother both in the family relationship as well as in faith. Can not say more! Fidelma at her best! I do love sister fidelma.

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And ihave a healthy respect for the author and the hard work to spin this intriguing series. Jun 15, Vainvt rated it liked it Shelves: ireland , mystery.

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More of Sister Fidelma. Still enjoying these books and still learning from them. Jun 27, K Hancock rated it liked it. Maybe a 3. I liked that it went back to some of the more ancient Irish lore and rites, but a bunch of the clues were just to obvious to give it a 3. Still a fun, fast read. Jul 22, David Hile rated it really liked it. I always learn from Sister Fidelma. I enjoy the historic perspective and religious history. Jul 21, Kathleen Schilling rated it really liked it.

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